ProStein GmbH & Co. KG ⋅ Stolpener Straße 15, 01877 Bischofswerda, Germany +49 (3594) 7949830 +49 (3594) 7949831

The ProStein GmbH & Co. KG

Welcome to ProStein, your reliable partner for stone construction material supplies.

The purpose of the company is to mine, treat and recycle construction materials for road surface construction, mine cut stones and produce face gravels. In addition, we accept soil at our refilling sites.

Our work is founded on building up and developing long-term customer relationships. Alongside our employees, satisfied customers are our most important capital. Guaranteed, reliable quality and absolute faithfulness to deadlines are the cornerstones of our work. We demand and promote employee responsibility as well as the willingness to perform and mutual respect. We treat suppliers and sub-contractors fairly and as partners. Economic success is the basis for investment in our future development. It allows us to meet our obligations towards our employees and business partners